bow rehair and repair

over the last few years, i have been able to learn the craft of rehairing and repairing bows for string instruments. there is such a need in our very musical community, and whether you are pursuing a degree in performance at UGA, enjoying playing in one of athens' many diverse bands, or just want to bring one down from the attic and have it in playing condition again, i hope to provide athens' string musicians with a dependable and local option for when this work is needed. please feel free to contact me to schedule an appointment, receive quotes, and ask questions regarding your bow.


horsehair keychains

when i learned how to rehair bows, our teacher had us throw the old hair into a big pile, which we then tossed outside of our building, coincidentally by horse stables. when we looked in the trees, we could see that many of the birds' nests had the horsehair woven into them! it was such a beautiful way to see something discarded still have so much purpose.

as i steadily grow my bow business, i do occasionally donate to the birds' nests here in athens. but, the artist in me wants more! i began by creating paint brushes, but since i had no knowledge regarding brush construction, i quickly made a tassel to sell at a holiday market. a friend there had some sweet vintage key rings, and since then, i've been creating unique keychains with the leftover horsehair. the hair is cleaned (rosin removed), and each winding consists of cotton, silk, or nylon thread.  each pattern is unique and no two keychains are alike. because of the nature of my work, i only make them as hair is available. 


homemade cleaning products

there is a chemist living in me. 

give me some natural cleaning agents and some essential oils, and i'm bound to whip up something that will smell nice and get the job done. after making surface cleaners and room sprays for my own home, i began selling them at holiday markets and in several local shops and they are doing well! i spent a long time finding the right glass bottles, the right sprayers, and the right blend of oils...

all purpose cleaners in "lavender/clary sage"  or  "rose/geranium/vetiver" and room spray in a unique blend of oils.

all purpose cleaners in "lavender/clary sage"  or  "rose/geranium/vetiver" and room spray in a unique blend of oils.

i'm someone who really dislikes the super perfume-y odors that are in so many cleaners, detergents, and air freshening products...even the "natural" ones! so, i set out to create my own, and am so pleased with the response i get from folks around town.  my cleaners and room sprays are currently available at community (downtown athens) and at my studio.

because of their weight, i don't offer them online, but feel free to contact me if the shipping doesn't intimidate you!